River rafting in Västerbotten – an adventure among the rapids!

Experience an adventure among the rapids of one of Europe’s last untouched rivers. You will be equipped with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet and a paddle, and after a thorough safety demonstration, the white water rapids await. Together with our experienced guides you are likely to have a blast – and coming home dry is out of the question.

Depending on the trip, the adventure can take between 2–4 hours from when you arrive until you are ready to set off to the next adventure awaiting. We will take care of transportation during the rafting experience. We have been licensed by the Swedish Maritime Administration and all guides have undergone special training for river rafting guides where safety always comes first, and for that reason we have a strict ‘no alcohol policy’ for this activity.

We can offer river rafting for everyone: Family trips from the age of 7, to taking on the rapids for daredevils over the age of 18. It’s up to you to choose the level that best suits you and your company.

Forsränning i Västerbotten

The Trollenforsen Tour

Easy/Mid/Tough rafting | Age limit 12 years
Meet us at the camp near Ekorrsele. Here is where we get kitted out with wetsuits, wet shoes and helmets as well as approved buoyancy aids (life wests). After getting changed, you will transport yourselves to the start of the rafting tour in your own vehicles, about 7 kilometres.

We start by paddling through the Upper Trollforsen, which is about 1,100 metres long with a fall of height of 8 metres. Here is where the real fun begins among rapids where the joyful shrieks mix with the roar of the river. Don’t be surprised if you get a shower or two. After a short section of still water we then throw ourselves out into the Lower Trollforsen, which is about 1,300 metres long with a fall of height of 7 metres.The water tour takes about 1–1.5 hours not including time to get changed and transport. Total time estimate 2–2.5 hours.

Forsränning i Västerbotten

The X-tream Tour

Mid/tough rafting | Age limit 18 years
We take off by rafting down the wettest parts of the river followed by a well-needed lunch along the Vindel River.
After lunch, the next real challenge takes place – and it will get wet and tough.
The afternoon is spent on riverboarding and river swimming, which is mandatory for all participants.
Here you find the optimum experience for those seeking excitement, challenges and water fun. Age limit 18 years and good physique.

Forsränning i Västerbotten

Kulturen Tour

Mid/tough rafting | Age limit 15 years
We meet in Vindeln at the Mariedal Camping. Here is where we get kitted out for the river ride. Before setting off, we take your vehicles to the landing spot of the first stretch. We start the journey on a calm stretch before reaching Hemseleforsen where the roar of the rapids mix with the shrieks of the passengers. It really is an exciting trip! To regain some energy, we paddle to our grill cabin where we offer a sandwich and boiled coffee over a fire.

Afterwards, we paddle back out to the Upper and Lower Kvarforsarna that await us. There’s a definite risk of getting splashed on this part of the journey. To finalise, we travel a short, calm stretch of the river before we get out. You will get a chance to put some dry clothes on and get in your cars for a thirty minute drive to Ekorrsele where the adventure continues. At our Wilderness Camp Vikteden, we equip you for the second part of the rafting experience for the day.
You will go up to Trollforsarna and the continuation of the adventure with two somewhat tougher rivers. Upper and Lower Trollforsarna offer many fantastic and wet ups and downs on the waves. River rafting also takes place by paddling boat. After the rafting tour awaits a warm wood-fired sauna and a cooling dip in the Vindel River.

To make your day, we serve up a scrumptious dinner at the Wilderness Camp.

The Adrenaline Tour

Mid/tough rafting | Age limit 18 years
This includes riverboarding tours and tough rafting on a minimal boat for a total experience, river swimming is mandatory for all participants. You should also have a good physique. Group size 5–11 people.