Conference Package

Kickstart your conference! A perfect way to build relations and strengthen the company.

Bachelorette-Bachelor party

A perfect last adventure before the next great one starts! A group package perfect for bachelorette-bachelor party.

Ice Climbing

Try ice climbing together with one of our guides - not for the ones scared of heights.

Trollforsen Tour

Trollforsen tour guarantee excitement and shouts of joy and prepare for one or two cold showers!

Rafting and Ice cream

We are now able to offer a family adventure for adventurous kids and their parents. Vi start and finish at Glassbonden in Selet.

Group Menu

Menu for bigger groups that made out of high quality locally produced ingredients.

Wilderness Package

A group package that includes everything: White river rafting, sauna and hot tub, dinner and drinks in our forest cot and staying in our cabins.

Wilderness Menu

Choose between 1-, 2, or 3-course dinner made from locally produced ingredients that can be found in Västerbotten.

Sauna and Hot tub

Relax in our steaming hot sauna and hot tubs, during both winter and summer!

The Viking House

Eat and socialize in an environment that takes you back to the Viking Age in the light of candles and fireplaces.

Forest Cot

Gather and eat dinner in the light and warmth of torches, fireplaces and candle lights. Our forest cot guarantee a cosy mood.

Snowmobile Safari

A guided safari through a magical winter landscape. Regardless if you are a group of tourists or colleges, experienced or beginners. Our guides will make sure you get a real adventure and experience that you will remember for a long time!