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Wilderness Adventure offers team-building events which makes use of what nature has to offer.

Here, the manager joins the crew

The purpose of our team-building is for everyone to get to know and discover new qualities in one another as well as have a great experience in nature in combination with activities and healthy exercise.

As a manager, you can let go of responsibilities, logistics, counting your team members, making sure people have accommodation and everything else that you are no doubt used to keeping track of. When you step into the wilderness with us – we take over the running of the business. We run the programme, make sure you know where to be and when and that you have the appropriate equipment. With us, the manager joins the crew, which further strengthens your teambuilding.

To make things even easier, we have compiled a few complete package deals that may suit your company in particular.

Welcome to experience what we have to offer!

The Wilderness package (Conference Västerbotten)

The first activity upon your arrival is white water rafting in our magnificent Trollforsen rapids (with European classification).

When you step back on shore, a warm sauna and refreshing hot tubs await. After an enjoying moment of relaxation after the adventure, a three-course meal and a bar follows in the Laplander’s cot. The evening comes to an end with an overnight stay in the wilderness cabins where the beds are already made for you.

The three-course menu consists of:
Starter: Flat bread basket of salmon and creamed roe
Main course: Suovas – reindeer kebab – with potatoes
Dessert: Parfait with Västerbotten cheese and cloudberry jam
We are licensed to serve alcohol.

Giant swing (Conference Västerbotten)

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a driver in a jet plane or even do a take-off from Cape Kennedy on a space flight?

With some imagination, the jump and acceleration from the 25 metre fall of the Giant swing would be just that at the shores of the Vindel River – Vikheden.

Once you have taken the leap, not only does the speed increase but the wind in your ears reaches a level of nearly being overwhelming. The excitement is most likely beyond whatever you have experienced before.

Team-building (Conference Västerbotten)

Would you like to show your appreciation to your colleagues and do something exciting together? Do you feel you need an energy boost in your team and are looking forward to a kick-off together?

Perhaps you are wanting to have a joint activity in conjunction with your conference. An activity in which you develop upon your communication skills, group dynamics and improve your team spirit?

If so, then our team-building package is definitely something for you.