Vika – the Wilderness Camp by the Vindel River

The Wilderness Camp is beautifully situated by the Vindel River and has been given the name Vikheden, or Vika for short, and is located right by a 4,000-year-old system of trapping pits for elk hunting.

All buildings have been built to fit the environment, and we are conscious to make everything as close to nature as possible. Our interest for nature is an important part of the business concept. We want everyone to rewind, let the stress drop off and just enjoy the peaceful sounds that only nature can offer.

The Laplander’s cot will provide warmth and shelter, and a cosy candle lit atmosphere for up to 55 dinner guests. Choose between a buffet dinner and having a private chef cook dinner over an open fire for you (see examples of our Wilderness menu). The restaurant is fully licensed to serve alcohol.

Come experience the tranquillity by the river!

Forest cottages

We have five cottages with two different appearances. Both types are divided in the middle with a total of 64 beds.
The cottages are prepped for winter and some cottages even have a wood-burning stove.

The Viking House

570 m2 built of natural materials. The Viking House fits about 250 seated guests and can also be used for group activities.

Open fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are used as heating sources and the place is lit by candles and the light of the fire.


Relaxing in a smoking hot tub is just as unbeatable in summer as in winter.

The Laplander’s cot

The Laplander’s cot fits approximately 70 people. Here, we serve everything from traditional Swedish dishes to three-course Wilderness menus. See examples of our Wilderness menu »

Also, this building has fireplaces and wood-burning stoves as a heating source. The place is lit by candles and the light of the fire.